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iPhone 8 Price, Specifications, Features, Comparison

iPhone 8 Price

iPhone 8 Price You have been enjoying iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus smartphones which are released in the last year. And now Apple company is ready to give its biggest launch of iPhone 8. Since are the hottest selling mobile phones all over the world. This is the main reason why Apple company is launching new series and models. Even though iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are offering great performance but still many people are looking forward to the launch of iPhone 8. Because all we know about Apple believes in “doing less but doing better.”

iphone 8 features


Apple iPhone 8 Specifications and Features

Since the iPhone 8 is going to enter the market with its unique features and we’ll have a stylish look. Relating to the specifications and features, you can find a much more advanced version of iPhone 7 and 7 plus.

Display: for every series of iPhone you will find an increase in the display size. In iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus the screen size is 5.5 inches and 4.7 inches respectively. So as per iPhone 7 in the same way it is expected that I phone it will come with 6 inches to 6.5 inches display.

Memory: will find more internal memory space when compared to that of iPhone 7 and 7 plus. And for sure you will see iPhone 8 with 64 GB variant, 128 GB variant, and 256 GB variant.

Camera: As per the expectations you will find good camera resolution. Apple iPhone it is expected to come with the 14-megapixel camera. The front camera will come with 4 megapixels.

RAM: you will find 8 GB RAM and the device will come with a very powerful RAM size. As in Apple iPhone 7, you found that it is a 4 GB RAM with a better version of iPhone in the RAM size is doubled.

Battery: In this iPhone 8 you will find a better capability of the battery.The battery capacity of iPhone 7 is 2500mAH show a better version of Apple iPhone it is expected to come with 2800mAH. So that it will last for 18 hours of battery charging even if you use for 4G Internet.

Operating system and processor: Apple iPhone 8 we are going to see iOS 11 and A11 processor. And in this the processor will also be upgraded to iOS 11. 3. 2. This is an amazing feature that we can find in Apple iPhone it that make it more interesting.

Sensor: They are many unique features in Apple iPhone 8 going to come with a sensor which will include barometer, thermometer, SPO2, compass, dustproof, heart rate, shockproof, etc.

iphone 8 feature

Other expected Features

  • OLED display
  • Faster A11 processor
  • Glass body
  • Edge-to-edge display
  • Camera and Touch ID integrated into display
  • No Home button
  • Wireless charging
  • Three models – One OLED, two standard



  • Device TypeSmartphone
  • Input MechanismTouchscreen
  • 2G Network Technology
  • 3G Network Technology
  • AvailabilityComing Soon
  • 4G Network TechnologyLTE


  • Network Capability2G,3G,4G


  • 4G Capability
  • Internet Capability
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi


  • Display Size5.5-inch or 4.7-inch
  • Display TechnologyOLED display or LCD



  • ProcessorA11 Processor


  • Camera resolution dual camera setup with Optical Image Stabilization
  • Camera Video FeaturesVideo Recording


  • Form FactorCandybar


  • Games Support


  • Music Player
  • Video Player
  • Video Recorder
  • Loudspeaker


  • Calendar
  • Calculator
  • Alarm
  • Clock
  • Document Viewer
  • Phonebook


  • SMS
  • Instant Messaging

Price of iPhone 8

As the new features are provided in iPhone 8 the price of it will also be very high. Most of the smartphones price is rated based upon the storage of the device. Apple iPhone 8 will also find more internal storage and at the same time the price is expected to be around 1199$ to 1599$. The Apple has increased its price based on the potential specifications of iPhone 8. The price listings will be different for different countries.


Latest apple Mobile Models Price
Apple iPhone 5S Rs.17,999
Apple iPhone 6 Rs.31,990
Apple iPhone 7 Rs.52,999
Apple iPhone 6S Rs.39,990
Apple iPhone 6s 64GB Rs.47,990
Apple iPhone 7 128GB Rs.61,999
Apple iPhone 6 64GB Rs.40,390
Apple iPhone 6s Plus Rs.44,990
Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Rs.79,099
Apple iPhone 7 Plus Rs.68,599

Country Wise Price List Of Upcoming Apple iPhone 8

Country iPhone 8 Price
iPhone 8 Price in USA 1100 USD
iPhone8 Price in India 70000 INR
Price in United Kingdom 770 Pound
Price in Canada 1590 CAD
Price in Dubai 4040 Dirham
Price in Australia 1589 AUD
Price in China 7235 Yuan
Price in Japan 128700 YEN
Price in Indonesia 15290000 Rupiah

iPhone 8 release date

Apple iPhone 8 rumors are heating up especially this year since the launch of the mobile will be in the month of September 2017. Many of the people are very much awaited to get the Apple iPhone 8. In the year 2016 on September 7 the Apple company released the new iPhone 7 along with its siblings’ iPhone 7 plus. So based on this we are expecting that I phone it will be out in the market in 2017. They are many predictions about the upcoming performance of Apple iPhone 8 and its release date. But for now, all the details are not confirmed by the Apple company and will be informed by them soon.

Hottest leaks

  • Likely to launch early September 2017
  • On-sale probably mid-September 2017

Winding Up

Winding up with the conclusion about the details like launching are the release date of  Apple iPhone 8 and the price listings. All the details provided may vary from one country to another country. And the same time the prices may also be different. But up to now all the information that is provided about the new release of Apple iPhone, it is all expectation. Until and unless there is a clear declaration about the launch and the details of the iPhone we cannot confirm it. Apple will create and apply in quite a while from now until the end of 2017. But it is certain that Apple iPhone it will be better version when compared to that of iPhone 4, 5 and 6 respectively. But Apple will continuously enhance its product by bringing more latest innovations and advanced Technologies

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