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iPhone 8 Specifications Apple company is planning to launch a new model with unique and effective features. And this is the latest topic among the gadget lovers. The curiosity about the launch of Apple iPhone 8 is increasing day by day. Definitely, in the quarter part of the Year 2017, there will be an end for The curiosity of the new model iPhone 8. At present, the brand is working on 10 different prototypes to make a new and a very interesting model for the people.

So far we have had so many rumors about the new release of iPhone 8. Once the official announcement is declared by the company about the release of the iPhone 8, then we can purchase them from the market. Apple iPhone it will have ultra-fast performance, better image, easy connectivity, Long battery life and many other interesting features in it. Undoubtedly there will be advanced and latest specifications incorporated in iPhone 8.

iphone 8 features specifications cost price

iPhone 8 Specifications:

Specifications iPhone 8
Battery 3000 Mah
Camera Features Dual Led Flash, 4k Video Recording
Camera – Rear 16 Megapixels
Camera – Front 8 Megapixels
Features Fast Charging, 5G Technology, Finger Print Scanner, Retina Eye Scanner
Memory 32/64/128 GB Internal memory and expandable with dual Micro SD cards
Operating System  iOS 10.02 upgradable to 11.0
Processor A – 11
Release Date September 2017 – See Below
Price $750 USD, 700 Euro
Colors Gold, Rose Gold White, Silver, Jet Black
Screen Display 5.0” 1920 x 1080 Screen Resolution


It is expected that Apple iPhone it will be having and OLED display will be weather in angry to view. You can also experience brighter screen when compared to that of the older versions of iPhone. It will have a 4K resolution which would support the future generation with fast response time. It is one of the best features that you can get from Apple iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 7 has a Gorilla Glass 4 but for iPhone it is expected that the Gorilla Glass 4 will be replaced with sapphire glass protection. The Siberian glass protection will undoubtedly Give a grand look to iPhone 8 with the Unbreakable screen. In the size of the screen will be off about 5 inches which is completely free for a big phone like apple.

Screen Resolution

Apple is going to introduce a new kind of water and dustproof screen. Which is available with much better screen resolution and scratch resistance. As per now in Samsung Galaxy S6 you can see a good screen resolution, but the screen resolution will be Apple iPhone 8. and all these iPhone 8 rumors come from the supply chains of Apple.

You can find the increase in the camera megapixels only in Apple brand. No other mobile company will provide more megapixels of the camera when compared to that of iPhones. As per now, it is expected that 16-megapixel lens review of the camera will be available with iPhone. The front camera resolution will be 8 megapixels.

New generation iPhone

The new generation Apple iPhone it will be available with advanced features that are available in iPhone 8. And some of the features that you can get from iPhone 8 are,

  • 5G Technology
  • Finger Print Scanner
  • Retina Eye Scanner
  • 64,128,256 GB Storage
  • Holographic Display
  • 4.7 & 5.5 inch IPS display
  • 1080 X 1920 pixels Resolution
  • 2.23 GHz Quad Core
  • 12MP f/1.8 primary camera
  • 7MP f/2.2 front camera
  • 32, 128, 256 GB Storage options
  • Water Resistant Display

Apple A11 Processor

Apple iPhone it will be available with TSMC and ARM-based 10nm chip. But this is still to be approved by the Apple company. Even though this is not officially declared but still we can expect a new processor from iPhone. Apple iPhone 7 runs on A which is Quad Core processor. So people are expecting that Apple iPhone it will come with an advanced processor of iPhone 7. At the same time, it will have 4 GB RAM which is far enough in handling the high and multitasking with the iPhone devices.

iPhone 8 Processor

Internal Storage

One of the basic feature that most of the people who would like to purchase a smart phone will look for is the internal storage. Most of the people would like to have more internal storage so that they can save many files and photos. Since iPhones do not have much internal storage memory but this time you can expect a much more internal storage. All of the iPhone devices are available with Micro SD cards, but for iPhone it there will be a US-based IT giant which will include a little more space. The basic level mode of 64GB of internal memory storage will be replaced with 128 GB internal storage.


iPhone 7 is most likely to come with a 2500mAh battery. Considering the battery of iPhone 7, it may not support the usage of Internet which has been rapidly increased. And at the same time, iPhone 7 will not give a long charging of the battery for people who use it for games and browse more Internet. For this, it is very sure that iPhone it will come up with a battery capacity better to that of iPhone 7. It is expected that the battery capacity will be increased up to 2800mAh. So by this battery capacity, you can use the mobile for 18 hours with four 4G usages.

iphone 8 battery


You can expect all the modern day sensor options in iPhone 8 which will include some special senses like accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, heart rate, SpO2, and Fingerprint. But still, we have doubt whether the sensor will come with a retina or Iris tracking sensor or not. It is expected that the iPhone 8 will come with iris tracking sensor which will give strength and security to the iPhone. Which will also provide the users with a hand free way of unlocking the iPhone?

Wireless Charger and Solar Charging

The latest technology is heading towards the nonconventional power usage, and this technology is incorporated into the Apple company. It took a step forward in introducing solar charging plate which is integrated with iPhone 8. To get integrated into the device wireless charger is the best feature that can have a maximum chance.

Edge Bumpers For Display Protection

They are many situations in which you may be suddenly dropping on hand slip your mobile phones. In such cases your mobile me get damaged, and in many cases, the screen may be destroyed. Apple iPhone it is good to come with an attachment to its edges which acts as numbers so that it will protect your screen. You need not worry even if you drop your phone onto the floor.

The Second Speaker For Stereo Sound

iPhone 8 is available with better sound quality, and it will also come with the second speaker for stereo sound. This will make you enjoy music in a better way. By playing games and stereo videos, you will be entertained more by using the second speaker for stereo sound. You will also be provided with a wireless headset for ultimate entertainment from Apple

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